I was born in 30th July 1993 in Chennai, India. I belong to a musical family. My mother is a music teacher and a principal of a special needs school, My father is an engineer and my brother is studying at University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada. From a young age, I could sing more than I could talk.

I was raised in Mumbai, then moved to Shanghai for 4 years. Did music and drama IGCSE there and used to perform at functions there quiet often.480436_10151281825031739_423071593_n
After school, I studied in KM Music Conservatory (A.R Rahman’s College) then studied Berklee Transfer Programme in International College of Music (ICOM). I am currently studying in Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Therapy. I am also a part of the Berklee Indian Ensemble.
I’ve been performing in a lot of places, been doing a lot of covers.

Other than music, I also write. I write a lot of fun trivias and reviews, which you can find in the menu. I also write for a college-run blog called “The Odyssey”. I write a lot of inspiring and motivating topics. Click on the link to see some of my articles in “The Odyssey”:- https://www.theodysseyonline.com/@swaraswami

Likes:- music, movies, food, surfing the net
Dislikes:- negativity

Click on this link, to see my resume:- Swara’s Resume