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“Moana” is a very cute film. It makes you feel good. The movie is about a girl named Moana. This movie shows her determination to go on a daring mission across the ocean to save her people. She meets a demi-god named Maui, and together they go through an adventure, to restore the heart of Te Fiti, which Maui stole. They go through a lot of action, encounter monsters etc. In the journey, Moana also discovers her identity.

“Moana” is a movie that inspires women and other youths to follow our heart, and to be determined to try and achieve things.

The animation and special effects were amazing (oh how I am in love with the ocean). The voice cast did a brilliant job. The songs in the movie were also beautiful!

“Moana” is a must watch!

My Rating:- 4/5


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