“Umrika” is a complex yet a story about reality. The film starts with Udai (Prateik Babbar) leaving his village for America. His family recieves letters from him which makes them content. Years later, Udai’s father dies, that’s when Ramakant (Suraj Sharma) finds out that Udai’s letters were actually forged by his dad and uncle, and Udai actually vanished when he reached Mumbai. He decides to go to Mumbai to find out the truth about what happened to his brother.

The movie then shifts to Mumbai. The movie shows Mumbai in a real and true way. Ramakant gets in touch with a gang of criminals involved in smuggling migrants out of the county. He gets fascinated with America too and is thinking whether he wants to head there too.

I couldn’t understand what the movie was about until the climax. “Umrika” is actually about the American Dream, and all that people do to get to America. The movie is also about the clash of different cultures and values.

The story started in a good way, it did lose focus during the 2nd half, but overall managed to convey the message. The screenplay could have been better. After doing a good job in films like “Life of Pi”, “Million Dollar Arm” and “Homeland” the series, Suraj Sharma did a fabulous job as Ramakant. This shows that he is the one of the finest actors around.

“Umrika” is different from other Indian films. This movie is not cliched nor it has any songs. It is worth a watch!

My Rating:- 3/5


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