M.S Dhoni- The Untold Story


This is what I call a biopic. It is brilliantly made. For someone who isn’t a fan of cricket, this film made me get intrigued. The movie shows all of Dhoni’s hardships and all the hardwork he has done to get to this position. There were some known facts and some unknown facts. There was some good research done.

Sushant Singh Rajput completely did justice to the role. His acting was just brilliant. This was his best performance till date. He gets into the skin of Dhoni very easily, and he also manages to look like him. This shows his hardwork. Disha Patani, in her debut film, shines and manages to bring the sweet side of her. Kiara Advani, who disappointed me in her debut film “Fugly” did a much better job here. All the supporting actors such as Anupam Kher, Bhumika Chawla (her comeback film), Kumud Mishra etc. also did well. Neeraj Pandey is an amazing director. He directed the amazing film “A Wednesday” and it proves that he is one of the finest directors.

Though the movie is amazing, there were some flaws and factual errors. I noticed that this movie only showed Dhoni’s positive side, and they didn’t show any of Dhoni’s scandals. I wish they had shown that too, to add some spice. Also, Dhoni never endorsed Garnier, Sushant did though. Also, isn’t Sakshi his schoolmate? They didn’t seem to show that in the film.

Cricket fans will love this movie. In fact even those who are not cricket fans will love this movie. Please do watch this!

My Rating:- 4/5


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