I was always a fan of Nagesh Kukunoor. There was a time when I always used to wait for his movies to get released. I was surprised I haven’t heard of “Dhanak” before until I saw it in Netflix, and also surprised to see him off the limelight and doing off-beat films.

“Dhanak” means rainbow. It is a film for children, a film that defines pure innocence. It is about two siblings, Pari and Chotu, who live their aunt and uncle in a village at Rajasthan, after the death of their parents. Chotu is visually impaired. Pari idolizes Shahrukh Khan while Chotu worships Salman Khan. Every morning, they toss a coin and the winner decides to say the story in a Shahrukh Khan or a Salman Khan. One day Pari sees a poster of Shahrukh Khan endorsing Eye donations. Thinking that by meeting Shahrukh Khan will get Chotu his eyes, Pari and Chotu leave their village to travel all the way to Jodhpur, where Shahrukh Khan is shooting for a film.

Pari and Chotu go through a journey where they meet several people. They meet two tribal women with guns, A god woman named Mata Sheera Wali, who apparently used to study with Shahrukh Khan, and a Mata Sheera Wali follower, who turns out to be a child trafficker. They meet an American musician where they sing a fusion track together. Then they meet a mute man who is going through trauma. Whether Pari and Chotu meet Shahrukh Khan, you need to watch that!

Beautiful direction by Nagesh Kukunoor, fantastic screenplay and cinematography. Rajasthan was shown beautifully. The acting by the children as well as the supporting actors were amazing.

“Dhanak” is a simple story said in a beautiful way. This movie will make you feel that a child is still within you. A must watch.

My Rating:- 3.5/5


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