Udta Punjab


I loved the plot and the screenplay. Though the movie has a crass language and it was quite difficult to understand (be thankful for subtitles), and that it had a dark content, the movie has a wonderful message which they successfully conveyed through this movie. I was surprised to know about the drug problem in Punjab, and all the various controversies surrounding it. I realized that its a serious issue among the youths and it should be told, and I am so glad they made a movie out of this.

I am still mad at the Censor Board to make a joke about it. I am mad that they banned the film when they showed the truth, when there are a lot of vulgar movies, which were easily passed. When that didn’t work, they leaked the film online! The movie really didn’t deserve this treatment.

The direction by Abhishek Chaubey was brilliant! Each actor did their career best performances! Please watch out for Alia Bhatt’s amazing performance of a Bihari migrant, she stood out completely! So glad she won the Best Actress this year as she totally deserved it! The music by Amit Trivedi completely suited the theme of the movie.

This movie is strictly for adults. Do watch the film!

My Rating: 3.5/5


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