I was initially intrigued by the concept and the technical effects. But when I saw the film, I was like, “Really? You could have been better!” Poor script, direction, story, screenplay and acting spoil everything.

The movie starts off with a starship named Avalon transporting over 5,000 colonists to the planet Homestead II. This journey takes 120 years. The colonists and the entire crew are in hibernation pods. When the ship passes through a large asteroid field, a malfunction is caused, waking up a Passenger named Jim (Chris Pratt), a mechanical engineer, 90 years early. After a year, Jim feels bored, with no one to talk to, except for Arthur (Michael Sheen) an android bartender. Then he comes across a beautiful lady named Aurora  (Jennifer Lawrence) in her pod. He watches her profile video so many times, and learns that she is a writer with a humorous personality. Wanting her for company, he wakes her up and tells her that it was a pod malfunction just like his. Aurora is devastated and tries all the ways to enter hibernation like Jim tried earlier. Eventually she accepts her situation and starts writing a book about her experiences. She and Jim become closer and turn into lovers.

These parts were very interesting for me to see. I actually felt like “What will happen next? I am interested!” But who knew that the next part will make me disappointed?
Arthur accidentally blurts out the truth to Aurora. She feels devastated and shuns herself from Jim. She even starts attacking Jim, that’s when I thought that she really needs to chill. Another pod malfunction happens and a Chief Deck Officer named Gus (Lawrence Fishburne) wakes up. The three of them find out that there were multiple failures in the ship’s systems. They set up to fix it. So what happens next? Will the ship be fixed? Will Aurora forgive Jim? Or will she find a way to go back to hibernation and follow her dreams?
This movie would have been a lot better if it just stuck to the plot. The first part seemed like how a sci-fi film should be. Passengers on a space ship, with amazing use of technology such as the Autodoc,an automated medical diagnostics and treatment pod, the hibernation pods, the snack bar, the dance game etc. But then this sci-fi film turns into a silly love story which wasn’t even required. The writers forgets all about the effects and butchers the entire story. He gives us a horrible end to a story thinking that I have wasted 2 hours by watching this. So Aurora gets angry on Jim as he woke her up, she even beats him up, as her dreams were important. When Jim finds a way to get her back to hibernation, she realises that she loves him and she chooses to stay with him. That made me realise, didn’t she beat Jim up? She even called him a murderer for waking her up! When she finally gets the chance to go back and follow her dreams, she refuses saying she is in love, then what was all the drama for? Now your dreams don’t matter anymore Aurora? My main question is that is it a love story or a sci-fi film? The makers need to really make their mind up!

As for the acting, I was disappointed that Jennifer Lawrence would pick such a film for her career. She is one of my favourite actresses, and she is very talented, but her acting in this film really disappointed me. I expected so much better! But I did love her chemistry with Chris Pratt!

Do watch out for the cinematography and the technical effects in the film, they are wonderful. Otherwise this movie really isn’t worth your time, and you can do something better to pass your time.

My Rating: 2.5/5


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