Thani Oruvan



This is what I call Thriller! I am so mind-blown by this film! Probably one of the best Tamil films I have seen in recent times. The story was too thrilling and too good. I couldn’t even predict what was going to happen next.  With a basic theme of good vs. bad, it has been developed wonderfully. The film is a lot deeper. The story also contains things that are quite real such as selfish politicians and industrialists. I was also surprised by the use of medicines. Another main thing I liked about the film was that the antagonist was more powerful than the protagonist.

The performances of the entire cast was too good. This was Jayam Ravi’s best film. His best performance till date. So good too see one of my favourite heroes, Arvind Swamy back after ages. He’s still talented and dashing as ever. Playing a villain this time, he was fantastic. Its because of his acting that made the villain more powerful. Even Nayanthara was good, though her role was small. Even all the supporting actors were good.

I feel the actors do a good job because of the director, so hats off Mohan Raja for lovely direction. Even the cinematography, screenplay and dialogues were too good! I loved the Background music a lot! It’s totally apt for the film!

If you have time, you must watch this film!

Rating:- 4.5/5


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