O Kadhal Kanmani


Just like the title “OK Kanmani”, this movie was “OK”!

What works?: Direction by Mani Ratnam was good, Acting by Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menen were too good, so was their chemistry. Even Prakash Raj and Leela Samson were too good, and so was their chemistry. I would say this was one of Prakash Raj’s best performances. I loved the cinematography a lot. The music  by A.R Rahman was wonderful too!
What doesn’t work?: The story and the screenplay. I feel there wasn’t much of a story. They have the idea of live-in relationship, which is quite rare, but I didn’t see any development throughout. No element or twists as well. In the end, they said they want to marry, but they don’t say the reason why. It just ended up like a typical romantic movie. The movie was dragged, it could have been shorter. I also thought that the picturisation of some songs could have been better.

I admire Mani Ratnam, and I expected a lot from this film, but as for me, this wasn’t his best, compared to his other ones like ‘Alaipayuthey’, and ‘Mouna Ragam’. But still, this movie wouldn’t get you bored, but will make you feel good. Do watch this film, when you feel like passing your time!

Rating:- 3/5


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  1. Great review Swara.. Love the way you analyse things. Do u watch a movie with the thought that you may wnd up writing a review about it?


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