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Neerja for me is much more than a film! This is a story told in a beautiful way! It’s about a girl, who was a model and an air-hostess! Her parents and friends love and adore her! She was a huge Rajesh Khanna fan! On 5th September 1986, a group of hijacker’s attacked the plane she was boarding in! She saved the lives of 359 Passengers, at the cost of her own life! She was a hero! She was brave! She was awarded the Ashoka Chakra for her brave and courageous act! Her name was Neerja Bhanot!

Coming to the cast, initially I was skeptical, but now I am sure that no one could have pulled off this role other than Sonam Kapoor. This is no doubt, her best performance till date! This role was made for her. She was so into the character. Shabana Azmi as the doting mother was too adorable. Shekhar Ravjiani of Vishal – Shekhar makes his acting debut. He did such a good job for a newcomer. His role was small, but his acting left a huge impact. Jim Sarbh, who played the terrorist did such a convincing job. The fact that he made me terrified proves that.

I believe that an actor does a good job because of the director. Ram Madhvani is a brilliant director. The screenplay, dialogues and cinematography were also amazing.

It is not easy to make a biopic, but the makers have successfully pulled it off. This movie has touched my heart, and I am sure it will touch your heart too! It is a must watch!

My Rating: 4/5


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