Room is a masterpiece. I felt like I was watching a real life incident in front of my eyes. It’s about a woman named Joy, who was abducted and raped at a young age by a man named Old Nick, and was held captive for 7 years in a garden shed known as “Room” . She has a son named Jack i.e Old Nick’s biological son. She created a separate world for Jack, saying that the things in the room are “real” and the outside world aren’t real. After Jack starts understanding things better, they create an escape plan, and are set free. After being rescued, they face something even scary: the real world. Jack finds it hard to adjust to a world he has never seen before and Joy also finds it difficult to re-adjust to a world, she has seen after 7 years. How do they manage?

How do you feel when you moved to another country, which you are not familiar with? Or moving back to your old place after several years? It is not easy for sure!
The plot, screenplay, direction, dialogues and cinematography were top-notch. Brie Larson’s performance was heart-touching. She totally went into the character. She totally deserved to win the Best Actress award in the Oscars.
One of the best films I have seen so far! This is what I call “Oscar quality”! If you haven’t watched this movie, I suggest you all to please watch!

My Rating: 4/5


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