Why am I a feminist? and What is Feminism?

Happy International Women’s Day! Since it is Women’s Day, I decided to share this!

People ask me why am I a feminist? Here is my answer! I have been in a society with a mindset that women should stay at home and not go out! Even if its with a female friend! That women cannot have male friends and cannot hang out with them, otherwise we are naughty! Women should only make friends who are women! I don’t see any sense in that! This thinking made me hate males earlier! Even though I don’t hate males anymore and have a lot of male friends now, I am still awkward when I speak to them!

Women cannot go to work, instead they should only think about getting married, cooking, doing chores and having babies. They cannot wear dresses, shorts or sleeveless, instead they should wear full traditional clothes with their hair tied. When a male is born, there would be a lot of happiness, but when a female is born, there would be a lot of unhappiness. This rarely happens now though but still many people think that female are useless and unlucky!

Then the Delhi Rape incident happened. The victim was being blamed, for going out at night with her friend who was a boy. According to the lawyers and the rapist, she is a girl and she should be in her limits. One of the lawyers said that “there is no place for women in the Indian culture.” One of the rapist said that he would kill, if a girl doesn’t be in her limits! And one of the rapist gets set free because he’s under 18! All these things made me feel shocked and disturbed! Made me feel disgusted that such people exist, and that there is a lot of hate in the world!

These rules only makes us into a weaker person! These rules doesn’t give us the opportunity to experience and the right to make our own decisions! Moreover, these rules only bring a lot of hatred when we can learn how to be more loving and caring!

For me this is nothing but discrimination! A women doesn’t deserve all these treatment! We need to be stronger and fight through these situations! We need to prove that we are much more than what people think of!

Many people think that Feminism is all about hating men! So I want to clarify that! We aren’t against all men! We are against those kind of men, who feel that women are objects, whom they can use, manipulate and molest them! We are against those kind of men who feel that women are only made to sit at home and cook, the mindset that women cannot work, they cannot go out and wear such clothes!

First of all we are all human beings! We may have different features but we do pretty much the same! I mean we both have eyes, legs and mouth! We both have dreams and desires! We both eat,sleep, talk etc.

So basically let me get this straight! Feminism stands for gender equality! It is a belief that men and women are both equal and deserve equal rights to do many things!

For all those people who say that “we are asking for it”, well “if you never try, you’ll never know” – Fix You

I am a feminist because I believe in equality! I believe that men and women should be treated equally because I believe in love and not hatred! The happiest day would be when men would learn to respect women! The day we realise that there is no reason for discrimination and that we are all equal!


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