Death of a Celebrity and the way it affects us

It all started when Michael Jackson died. I was upset as I used to find him very talented. Same thing happened when Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston died. They were two of my favourite singers who were talented and inspiring. I got so upset thinking we’ll never hear their music, or anyone like them. When Steve Jobs died, I was so shocked. He was a genius. He made me love all the Apple products. I was upset thinking things won’t be the same. When Cory Monteith died, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Glee used to be a show which I used to watch everyday. I didn’t even miss a single episode. I thought that the show wouldn’t be the same anymore. Also, the fact that he died young due to drugs got me even more upset. In fact so did Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. I always wonder why people use drugs which brings a lot of negative effect. When Robin Williams died, I cried for hours. I was so sad thinking that a man who made us all laugh, committed suicide due to depression. This effect lasted for 2-3 days. Even now, watching his movies only gives me tears. Few days ago, Alan Rickman died. My heart froze for a minute. I couldn’t help but break down. He was one of my favourite actors. He played Snape with full justice, that made Snape one of the characters that is close to my heart. His emotions, voice and dialogue delivery were too good. He was one of the actors I wanted to meet, and now sadly it won’t happen. Same thing with David Bowie, who is one of the singers I look up to. He was very unique and he made me love glam rock.

I have been thinking a lot about this. There are times I feel that its weird to cry for someone whom I haven’t met. I used to wonder why do I cry for someone whom I haven’t met. I was wondering if its the right thing to do.

Then I realised that TV, movies and music is something we all grow up with. It’s an important part of our life. When we watch people on TV, we start connecting with them. We are so used to seeing them that they become a part of our lives. Then when they die, its like you lose someone whom you are used to seeing. Its like you have lost a friend. Its weird that we haven’t met them, but still we feel like we have known them for ages. Now I feel that its completely OK to cry for a celebrity as they are humans too. It would take a while, then we feel alright again. That’s how life goes.

I am sharing this for all those people who feel the same way. It’s totally fine to do that.

May these celebrities rest in peace.



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  1. Well written Swara.. You are right in a way.. It depends on the emotional bond yuo develop.. I for one could never develop that and hence find the phenomenon strange.. I can’t for one imagine myself standing in a funeral procession of a celebrity – let alone cry for one.. But thats me and there are millions of your type of people whose emotional bonding goes beyond familial or physical proximity.. I guess in a larger perspective you guys are better wired than me


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