Underrated songs of A.R Rahman

Hello everyone! So today is A.R Rahman’s birthday! He has composed so many hit songs that were brilliant! But there have been some songs that were too good, but they didn’t make it big! So here I am going to write about the list of underrated songs by A.R Rahman!

  1. Kabhi Na Kabhi

This album is a must-listen! One of the best albums I have ever come across. Each and every song is wonderful! Very brilliantly composed! Sadly this album didn’t make it big due to the movie being a flop! But I would definitely suggest you guys to listen to this album! If you don’t, then you guys are missing out on one of the best albums!

One fact about this movie is that the song ‘Mil Gayi Mil Gayi’ is the Hindi version of ‘Anjali Anjali’ from ‘Duet’ (composed by A.R Rahman). This was sung by Kumar Sanu, the first and only song he sang for A.R Rahman.

2. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Another wonderful yet underrated album by A.R Rahman! Each songs are wonderful and heart-touching! But this again didn’t make it big due to the movie being a flop!


3. Kadhalar Dhinam/Dil Hi Dil Mein

Again one of the best albums by A.R Rahman, which I thought deserved to be at the very top! Even the Hindi version of the album is as good as the original one. Especially listen to the song Ennai Villai Azhaghe/Ae Nazneen Suno Na.


4. Zubeidaa

Oh this album is a masterpiece! Each and every song is mesmerizing! Again, this album didn’t make it big when it deserves to be at the top! But I would suggest everyone to listen to this album! It is one of the best albums by A.R Rahman.

5. Swades

For me, this album is brilliance! Another wonderful A.R Rahman album which deserved to be at the top! The songs ‘Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera’ and ‘Yun Hi Chala’ were hits but the rest of album songs were also wonderful! Must-listen to this album!

6. The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Not only the songs are wonderful, so are the background music! Again another wonderfully composed album by A.R Rahman which is a must-listen!

7. 1947 Earth

This album was just wonderful! I felt it could’ve been a hit album! ‘Ruth Aa Gayi Re’ and ‘Dheemi Dheemi’ were just mind-blowing! Must listen to this album!


8. Tehzeeb

Another album which I found very unique and underrated! Each lyrics consisted of traditional poems of famous poets! Must-listen to this album!

9. Udhaya

A must-listen album by A.R Rahman! Each song is mesmerizing that it deserves to go to the top! The title song is a must listen!

10. Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities

All the songs were mesmerizing, and so were the background music! While the songs ‘Yeh Rishta’ and ‘Chinnamma’ were noticed, the rest of the songs weren’t noticed, while they were too good! Must listen album!

11. Lakeer

A.R Rahman has re-used three songs from ‘Rhythm’, which is one of my favourite albums! But still he made those three songs sound wonderful! The rest of the songs were amazing too! Definitely one of the most underrated albums by A.R Rahman!

Fact: The song ‘Rozana’ is the first film song by Viva for A.R Rahman.

12.Mangal Pandey- The Rising

This movie wasn’t a hit, hence the songs also couldn’t make it big sadly! But the songs were too good! Especially ‘Main Vari Vari’ and ‘Rasiya’! Must-listen to this album!

13. Alive- Provoked

Another beautiful yet underrated song of A.R Rahman! Karen David sung it beautifully! Have a listen!


I came across this album just recently! Have to say that this is one of the most underrated albums of A.R Rahman! While the song ‘Tu Meri Dost Hai’ was a chartbuster, the rest of the songs didn’t make it that big, when they were so mesmerizing! Manmohini Morey is a must-listen!

15. Taxi Taxi – Sakkarakatti

Sakkarakatti might be my least favourite album by A.R Rahman, but this song is definitely one of my favourites! Benny Dayal sang wonderfully! Must-listen!

16. Blue

I have to admit that I actually like this soundtrack! Except for ‘Chiggy Wiggy’ which I found too mainstream, I liked all the other songs! ‘Fiqrana’, ‘Rehnuma’ and ‘Bhoola Tujhe’ are a must-listen!

17. Couples Retreat

Another wonderful album which wasn’t noticed due to the movie not becoming a hit! Especially the song ‘Sajna’ is a must listen!

18. 127 Hours

Mesmerizing album by A.R Rahman, which I felt deserved much more! ‘If I Rise’ is a beautiful song! must listen!

19. Million Dollar Arm

This album just came out last year, and this is one of the best albums that I came across! The song ‘We Could Be Kings’ sung by KT Tunstall is too mesmerizing! Must listen to the album!

20. The Hundred-Foot Journey

Another wonderful album, which I felt should have received appreciation! It definitely deserved to be nominated for the oscars, but sadly it didn’t! But must listen to the soundtrack, especially ‘Afreen’!

21. Ada.. A Way of Life

A.R Rahman had composed songs for this movie before Lagaan. This is one of the most underrated and wonderful albums of A.R Rahman! Sadly this soundtrack went unnoticed. Must listen to this album, especially ‘Ishq Ada’

22. Water

Another wonderful yet underrated album of A.R Rahman! Each song is mesmerizing! Especially listen to ‘Aayo Re Sajan Sakhi’!


Then there were some songs from hit soundtracks, that were underrated!

23. Dil Gira Daftan and Rehna Tu – Delhi 6

While this movie had a lot of hit songs like ‘Masakalli’, ‘Genda Phool’, ‘Arziyan’, ‘Delhi-6’, these two songs according to me are the most underrated in this album! These 2 songs are very heart-touching! Must-listen!

24. Manmohana – Jodha Akbar

While this movie had a lot of hit songs like ‘Jashn-E-Bahaara’ and ‘Khwaja Mera Khwaja’, this song according to me is so beautiful and heart-touching! Wonderful composition and singing! Must-listen to this song!


25. Naina Milaike and Mere Yaar Mila De – Saathiya

These were the only 2 songs that wasn’t reused from Alaipayuthey! While Saathiya was a hit album, these 2 songs were underrated! These were 2 beautiful songs that are a must listen!


26. Kismat Se Tum and Ek Tu Hi Bharosa – Pukar

While the songs ‘Key Sera Sera’ and ‘Sunta Hai Mera Khuda’ were huge hits, these two songs I felt, were underrated! these 2 songs really captured my heart! must listen!

27. Liquid Dance, Gangsta Blues and Mausam and Escape – Slumdog Millionaire

While ‘Jai Ho,’ O Saya’ and ‘Dreams on Fire’ were huge hits, these songs didn’t become huge hits, when they deserved! These songs were breathtaking! Must listen!

28. Tango for Taj and the Dichotomy of Fame – Rockstar

While songs like ‘Sadda Haq’, ‘Tum Ho’ and ‘Kun Faya Kun’ were huge hits, these songs were underrated! These 2 are beautiful instrumental music, that would just capture your heart!

29. Anbendra/ Roshan Huyi Raat – Minsara Kanavu/ Sapnay

Minsara Kanavu/Sapnay was a hit soundtrack! But I felt this song wasn’t noticed enough when it is one of the best songs composed by A.R Rahman! Must listen!

30. Nagamani Nagamani/ Rukumani Rukumani- Roja

Roja again was a hit album of A.R Rahman! However, I felt that this song was slightly underrated when it could have been at the top as well! Wonderful composition!

Then there are albums which were too good, but have sadly been forgotten.

31. Taj Mahal

This is one of my favourite albums by A.R Rahman! But since the movie didn’t become a hit, the songs became forgotten! Anyways this is a must-listen album! All the songs are mesmerizing!

32.  Sangamam

There was a time when these songs were a hit, but since the movie flopped, the songs have been forgotten! this is one of the best albums by A.R Rahman! each song is so mesmerizing, that it touches your heart! Have a listen!


For now this is all I can remember! If you know any other song of A.R Rahman which you thought was underrated, let me know and I will add that! Meanwhile please listen to these songs! They are a must!




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  1. It appears that his songs become hit only if the movie is a hit.. that seems unfair for his calibre.. goes to show how much marketing has become a part of songs being hit..


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