Tamasha_(film_poster) (1)

‘Tamasha’ is story-telling said in a beautiful way. It is not a typical romantic film, but a pure film. A movie about self-experience. One of the movies that is male-centric. This is why Imtiaz Ali is my favourite director. He is the one who gives the true idea of love, humanity and reality. I haven’t seen his first film, but right from Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar and Highway, I loved every single one of them. Also he brings the best of all the actors. Same was the case here. It was a hands down Ranbir Kapoor movie. From a college boy to adult, he played the role wonderfully. I seriously hope Ranbir gets all the accolades for his wonderful performance. He hasn’t been getting a lot of hits lately, despite being such a good actor, and he deserves a lot more. Deepika despite being a good actress, didn’t have much to do in this movie sadly. But I love their chemistry so much. Another actor whose performance I loved was Piyush Mishra as the storyteller. Despite having a small role, his role was a big impact. I felt the screenplay could’ve been slightly better. The dialogues were great. The Cinematography was amazing. I love France even more now. The music by A.R Rahman is too good.

A lot of people have criticized this film. Yes this movie is youth centric. The people criticizing it are either the older people who wouldn’t understand youth romance, or the ones who prefer stupid action or comedy films. But as for me, I loved it so much that it became one of my favourite movies of 2015.

My Rating :- 4/5



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