I saw this movie really late. I loved the film so much. Being a musician myself, this movie really motivated me! A very well written story about a boy named Andrew from a conservatory who is very ambitious and works really hard to succeed. He practices till his hands bleed. Then there is an abusive teacher named Terrence Fletcher, who screams, hits and demotivates students. What happens when they come across each other? Watch the rest of the film!

I have always believed that the entire movie depends on the director, same is the case for this movie. The direction was simply amazing. Due to that, the entire cast has done a wonderful job. Miles Teller as Andrew Neiman was splendid. He portrayed his role convincingly, his determination was shown. J.K Simmons portrayal as Terrence Fletcher was just mind-blowing. He portrayed his role so convincingly that got me really terrified. If I would have a teacher like that, I would have cried my eyes out.  The screenplay, cinematography and the dialogues were amazing!

If your a musician, then you must watch this film! Now I am motivated to do much better, no matter what comes my way!

My Rating:- 4/5


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