Life in the USA

Today finally I finished my first semester here at Berklee! It has been an amazing semester! Since this semester ended, let me share my feelings about my life here in the States.

Going to Berklee has been my dream. For that, I had to go through a lot of pain and struggle to achieve this dream. Finally, thanks to all my hard work and parents support, I finally achieved coming to Berklee. When I first came here, I found myself to be in a positive environment. I was surprised to see people being very friendly and helpful. I felt somewhat easier to walk around places, even at nights. I also felt comfortable wearing dresses and shorts. After Shanghai, I haven’t stayed in a cold place, and I just love the cold weather here. The orientation week was so much fun. There were so many events, and I would say its a good attempt to help connect with people and to know the campus. I haven’t seen such orientation before in any of my previous colleges. After coming from two not-so-good colleges, I was so relieved when I came to Berklee.

So many things happened in these 3 and a half months. Let me start from my most memorable moment i.e being part of the Indian Ensemble. A year ago, I had seen the ‘Jiya Jale’ video, and I was so mesmerised by it. After this, I had always dreamt of joining this ensemble. And I am really glad I did. During my initial days in the ensemble, as usual I was nervous. I was wondering if I would do my best. I was wondering if the people would be nice and accept me. It took a while, but then I got to know that all these people were friendly and amazing! I felt totally accepted there! I also felt like I could be myself! Thanks to the Indian Ensemble, I also had my first show at the BPC, and that too with one of my idols Vijay Prakash! This was truly a big moment! In my first semester, I already got to experience so much! I want to really thank Annette for this. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her love, care, guidance and her faith in me! I also want to thank all my Indian Ensemble friends for being part of my life! I also want to thank Annette for private instruction! I had learnt so much from her, and I started feeling a lot changes in my voice and myself!

Before coming to Berklee, I also had an interest in music therapy, however I was slightly unsure. But after the intro class here, my interest developed to passion. I decided that this will be my field. The fact that I didn’t make it to the major disappointed me. But I will keep working hard for it, and I hope that I would make it next time!

Another new thing I had learnt was writing in American English! Coming from a British system, I am so used to writing too many details! I was surprised to know this different style! A style which only focuses on content more than sentences. I had so much difficulty in English class. But I am glad I overcame them all, thanks to Dr.Blazer and Janet Kenney from the writing center.

All my lecturers were very kind and helpful. They all motivated me, and guided me a lot! This is something I have hardly seen. But let me tell you that if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have done so well! Thank u to all the lecturers!

Staying in the USA has turned me into a really brave and confident person! I also felt that I became much more hardworking! Did all my work on time, be it chores, groceries and homeworks! I also feel like I am a better person from last time!

I also like the fact that I stay at an amazing place like Brookline. Even though it is slightly far from Berklee, its really beautiful and convenient. I also like the fact that there is an Indian store near my place, which doesn’t make me feel homesick. Even my housemates are very kind and helpful. They made me feel very comfortable and also guided me with doing all the chores, which now I do well enough.

However, there are times when I start feeling lonely and bored as I do the same things everyday! I have started getting tired of eating outside, and I wish to do more cooking, but only if I had time. I also feel that even though I have met a lot of new people, I am not getting close to them! I feel I am not being social enough! But most of it is my problem. I always let the past affect me and I get afraid of people leaving me. But I will keep working on it! I will try to improve myself! I hope to socialise more!

I don’t think I could have asked for a better semester! Really grateful to be here! I’d like to thank my parents, who despite having troubles, believed in me and sent me here! Would like to thank God for this opportunity! I would also like to thank my friends who have given me a lot of love and support! There is still a lot more to go, and I will keep doing my best! I am so looking forward to my future semesters!


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