Tanu Weds Manu Returns

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For the first time, I’d like to say that a sequel is better than the original, normally its always the other way round. Also a film which I’d like to call ‘true rom-com’. This is how a sequel should be. Anand L. Rai is one of the finest directors in this industry. One must take lessons from him on how to make a sequel.
Story at some parts were slightly predictable, but the way its been made, one would just enjoy and want more of it. Dialogues and Screenplay were just mind-blowing. Also, the soundtrack this time was much better compared to the previous one.
The best part of the film I would say is the performances by the cast. Each one of them did such a mind-blowing job that made the movie worth watching. I’m going to share about my views on each actor’s performance:-
Kangana Ranaut: No words for this girl. She’s just too good. On one hand she played Tanu, who is confident and speaks normally and then there’s Datto who’s an athlete with a Haryanvi accent. The way she played both the roles, one cannot believe that its the same girl playing both roles. Yes she’s the true ‘Queen’ of Bollywood.
Madhavan: I was always a fan of Maddy, but after this film, I became even more of a fan of him. He’s one of the best actors this industry has, also he’s a certain cute charm.
Deepak Dobriyal: One of the biggest plus point of the film. He totally stole the show with all his jokes. He was too hilarious that everytime you’d want to see more of him.
Jimmy Shergill: I always thought he’s one the most underrated actor of Bollywood and after watching this film, I still stick to this view.
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub: He’s another wonderful actor! From playing a negative role in ‘No One Killed Jessica’, to Dhanush’s supportive friend in ‘Ranjhanaa’ and now to playing ‘Chintu’ he has surely come a long way.
Swara Bhaskar: She’s seriously one of the best actresses we have. But I felt her role was slightly small.
Eijaz Khan: Same with him, I felt his role was slightly small but I totally loved his Punjabi act compared to when I used to see him in Balaji soaps.
The rest of the actors that include Rajendra Gupta, Navni Parihar, K.K Raina and Rajesh Sharma also did a good job.
Overall it’s one of the best films I ever saw this year. It’s a must watch!
Rating: 3.5/5


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