Facts about A.R Rahman

Hey all, so today is maestro A.R Rahman’s birthday. So i’ll be sharing some facts about A.R Rahman, some known some unknown.

1) At the age of 15, he was thrown out of school because of short attendance.

2) He was originally a Hindu by the name of A.S Dileep Kumar. He converted to Islam with the name of Allah Raka Rahman when a Pir called Sheikh Abdul Quadir cured her sister from a fatal illness.

3) Along with making music, he also has a passion for gaming. He spends his free time with his kids, Khatija, Rahima and son Ameen by playing.

4) His birthday falls on the same day as his son’s. He doesn’t believe in lavish celebrations. He visits an orphanage on his birthday and celebrates the day in peace.

5) Penguin Publishers came up with A.R Rahman’s first biography but he refused to accept it. According to him, it was considerably removed from reality.

6) In 1987, Rahman composed a music album by the name of ‘Disco Disco’ in collaboration with Tamil singer and actor Malayasia Vasudevan and another Sufi album. He also did an English album called ‘Set Me Free’ with Malgudi Shubha that was released in the beginning of 1990s.

7) His early influences were Vangelis and John Williams. Some years later, he discovered a new-found interest in jazz with Chick Corea, Dave Grusin and Herbie Hancock

8) He featured in a TV programme for kids called ‘Wonder Balloon’ on Doordarshan in 1980. Playing four keyboards on TV was an exhilarating experience for Rahman and people began to recognise him.

9) He wanted to become a computer engineer. “I wanted to be a computer engineer when I was a kid. Electronic gadgets and technology fascinated me.”

10) The world knows that his first film is “Roja”. But this is not true. His first film was “Yodha”. This film starred Mohanlal in Malayalam.

11) He has lot of interests towards Social service. He loves doing that without any kind of fame.

12) During important film festivals Rahman is very conscious about his wardrobe. His wife Saira and a Mumbai based designer Deepak decides about his dresses.

13) The old keyboard that he used to play as a teenager is still displayed in his studio.

14) During the composition of a film Rahman sings “Pudhiya vaanam Pudhiya bhoomi engum pani mazhai pozhigiradhu” loudly which indicates that all the works related to him is done.

15) Director Mani Ratnam is the only person who can meet Rahman at any time of his choice.

16) He talks very less. But to the close friends circle Rahman just loves to talk and laugh. “Music is the tool through which he keeps on speaking.”

17) He likes listening to songs based on the Raag Sindhu Bhairavi.

18) When filmmaker Subhash Ghai once told A.R Rahman during the music of Taal that he would once win an Oscar, he laughed aloud and replied that he could not.

19) A,R Rahman’s award winning song “Jai Ho” was initially composed for the movie ‘Yuvvraaj’. But it later became a part of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

20) His album “Couples Retreat” bagged more than 100 million dollars. This Hollywood movie has a tamil song as well.

21) A.R Rahman is the only Indian to be featured in ‘List of best-selling music artists of the world’

22) He does not let his wife or children inside the studio when he’s working.

23) He usually sees his children off to school before he sleeps after working nights!

24) He goes to Hyderabad and Nagoor Dhargas with his family atleast once in 6 months.

25) He loves to shop for music records at the Virgin Records store in New York. Once he landed in NY at 2 a.m and dashed off to the store right away.

26) He has 0% affinity towards gold jewellery. Slim Platinum ring is what he wears at times. He doesnt wear a watch in his hand.

27) He doesn’t go to any kind of recreational places like theatres and parties. When he gets free time he just spends it with his family.

28) A.R Rahman has no nick names. All the family members including sisters and his mom call him ‘Rahman’ with full fledged love and affection.

29) Saira Banu is the sister-in-law of Tamil actor Rahman and the daughter of a Chennai-based businessman from Kutch.

30) A.R Rahman’s mother spotted Saira at a dargah and sent a marriage proposal right away!

31) He adds lots of sugar in his cup of coffee. The ratio is 1/4 of the size of the cup. People are amazed when they share a cup in his house.

32) Actress Freida Pinto and Sonam Kapoor helped AR Rahman land some prized international projects. “It was sweet of Freida Pinto to recommend me to Julian Schnabel for Miral. I was keen to write new music for him but he insisted on using ‘The Bombay Theme’ and a track from He Ping’s Warriors of Heaven and Earth.” Rahman later says: “Danny (Boyle) told me later that it was Anil Kapoor and his kids who had recommended me to him. They would play him my songs and then the sound recordist Resul Pukkutty, also played my music to him.”

33) He might have a lot of fans but Rahman’s daughter Khatija doesn’t like her dad signing autographs in school and has even asked him not to come there.

34) He studied at Trinity college of Music at OXFORD University.

35) His love and divine respect for music brought him and our India two Oscars proudly.

36) A.R Rahman will be soon producing films also, but apart from having his International standard he said that he will be producing only Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films.

37) Vande Mataram, an album of his original compositions released on India’s 50th anniversary of independence in 1997, enjoyed great commercial success.

38) He has provided the scores for many successful Hollywood films, including 127 Hours in 2010, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in 2008, and ‘Lord of War’ in 2005.

39) AR Rahman’s father was a composer and arranger in Malyalam movies.ARahman was 9, when his father passed away. He joined Illaiyaraja’s troupe as a keyboard player to earn for his family.

40) A.R Rahman was 9, when his father passed away. He joined Illaiyaraja’s troupe as a keyboard player to earn for his family.

41) In 2006, he launched his own music label KM Music

42) In 2004, he was appointed as a Global Brand ambassador of the Stop TB Partnership, a project by WHO.

43) He has been honored with the Padma Bhushan award and Padma Shri award from the Government of India

44) In 2007, A.R Rahman was entered in the Limca Books of Awards as “Indian of the Year for Contribution to Popular Music”

45) He lives in a small two-storey bungalow in Kodambakkam.

46) A R Rahman was a keyboardist in a band called Nemesis Avenue along with singer Suresh Peters.

47) A.R Rahman also composed jingles for ads.

Check this jingle, my all time favourite

48) When on concert tours abroad, A.R Rahman does not waste time sight-seeing. He is just engrossed in his music.

49) A.R Rahman was also part of Roots, a band with now famous percussionist Anandan Sivamani.

50) A.R Rahman likes to record music only in the night, but he makes an exception for the legendary Lata Mangeshkar.

51) The music maestro prefers to give newcomers a chance – singers who are melodious but not necessarily well-trained.

52) The Jai Ho composer religiously performs namaz five times a day.

53) A.R Rahman trained under veteran Master Dhanraj.

54) A.R Rahman’s father R K Shekhar was a music composer and conductor for Malayalam films.

55) His father bought him a keyboard from Singapore and a young Rahman was hooked to it.

So what is your favourite A.R Rahman album? Can choose 3 favourites and u can also add a favourite that’s been missed in the list..


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