Hey Everyone! So I’ve been called ‘music and movies encyclopedia’ by many people. So I was thinking why not use my knowledge and share it. So I’ve started this new thing called ‘Fun Trivia’ where i’ll be posting a fact daily! Enjoy :)

As you may be aware that many Bollywood movies have been inspired/remade from Hollywood Movies. But Did You Know that there are some Hollywood movies which were inspired/similar to Bollywood movies? Here are the list:-

1) A Common Man – A Wednesday
It was an official remake

2) Delivery Man – Vicky Donor
Both movies were inspired by the same Canadian French film ‘Starbuck’

3) Just Go With It – Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya
Both movies were inspired by the film Cactus Flower

4) Kill Bill – Abhay/Aalavanthan
Quention Tarrantino himself admitted that the action sequences of Kill Bill were inspired from the film Abhay/Aalavanthan

5) Leap Year – Jab We Met
It’s not a direct copy but there are similarities. Both are about a talkative, silly girl who is determined to get to her boyfriend so she can propose to him. Along the way, she has to get help from a young down-on-his-luck man. They argue. They stay at a hotel and have to share a room. They fall in love. They separate. Their lives are forever changed because of their brief time together. They reunite. The end. The only differences are that “Leap Year” takes place in Ireland and focuses on Irish tradition and “Jab We Met” has musical numbers. (IBN Live)

6) Hitch – Chhoti Si Baat
Again it’s not a direct copy but there are similarities.‘Chhoti Si Baat’ (1975) is about a shy man who wants to woo a certain woman. He tries to mimic a charming, suave ladies man, but fails hopelessly. He gets help from a man who makes it his business to help people change their lives. ‘Hitch’ takes the two characters supporting the lovelorn guy and turns them into one, played by Will Smith. (IBN Live) Partner (2007) starring Salman Khan and Govinda was a direct copy of Hitch

7) Win a Date with Ted Hamilton – Rangeela
Again it’s not a direct copy but there are similarites. ‘Rangeela’ (1995) is about a lovable loser who can’t compete with a famous actor when it comes to winning the affections of a certain girl. ‘Win a Date With Tad Hamilton’ (2004) is about the exact same thing. The biggest difference is that in ‘Win a Date With Tad Hamilton’ the girl wins a date with Tad Hamilton. In ‘Rangeela,’ the girl earns an audition for a part in the actor’s new movie. (IBN Live)

8) Pearl Harbor – Sangam
Again it’s not a direct copy but there are similarities. The Love Triangle Drama in a war-torn backdrop shown in ‘Pearl Harbor’ (2001) is horridly influenced from the Indian Classic ‘Sangam’ (1964). The Hollywood movie was heavily criticised for its misleading name as it was based on a love triangle rather than on the incident of Pearl Harbor itself. (IBN Live)

9) Fear – Darr
Just one scene, where the hero carves the girl’s name on his chest. It was taken from ‘Darr’. Otherwise both are different stories. Aetbaar and Inteha were direct copies of Fear.

10) Dinner For Schmucks – Bheja Fry                                     Both were inspired by the French comedy film ‘Le Diner the Cons’

11) The Dirty Dozen – Do Aankhen Barah Haath
‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ is about a young jail warden, who rehabilitates six dangerous prisoners released on parole into persons of virtue. ‘The Dirty Dozen’ is about a US Army Officer who is assigned on a duty to train 12 convicted murderers for a mass assassination mission.

Last but not least..

12) Avatar – Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye
‘Avatar’ is about a former marine who goes to the other world, gets along with the Na’vi clan, falls in love with a girl and that’s when the head of the operation decides to attack the clan. Same way, ‘Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye’ is about a man who is on a research assignment i.e getting to know the chawl dwellers. He gets along with the people and that’s when the owner wants to destroy the building. Differences are that, ‘Avatar’ is animated and Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye is about human beings. Also in ‘Avatar’ the hero is saved in the end, while in ‘Pran Jaye Par Shan Na Jaye’, the hero dies in the end. (From my own thoughts when I found out that Avatar is inspired from this movie.)



  1. Hello Swara – I am Raja, a second cousin or yours from Bangalore. Your dad and my dad are cousins, that way we are also cousins – right? but i am not very good at counting the cousins chain. The facts that u’ve put here are amazing, too good, keep up the good job. I’ve seen some of ur songs’ videos – they are really good. stay in touch, bye

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